Refreshments and library

On our terrace, cold refreshment awaits you during summer and hot days in the form of soft drinks, good beer and small sweet/savoury delicacies. The choice is up to you, just write the item for your fishing swim on the consumption sheet and at the end of your stay, the goods will be deducted from your deposit, or you will pay the remaining amount in cash.

To quench your thirst, warm up or wake up yourself, we offer you tea and coffee completely free of charge, in any quantity and at any time of the day. Just serve yourself on the terrace.

Sometimes it’s not just about fishing and we present our complex mainly as your respite from everyday work and worries, combined with the beauty and simplicity of the surrounding nature, a minimum of surrounding excitement and a quality fish stock where you can fulfil your dreams and personal bests.

To make the time between your fishing experiences more pleasant, to please your fishing guest or just out of curiosity, serve yourself in our mini library and choose from several and thematically different book titles. If you like to read, you will definitely choose something from our offer.