• Booking of fishing swims is possible only via e-mail or via message on our official Facebook page GREEN LAKES Fishing Holidays.
  • A fishing permit can be purchased for a minimum of 46 hours (2 nights).
  • The price for 46 hours is set at € 60.00 including VAT.
  • The price for each additional 24 hours is set at € 30.00 including VAT.
  • The price for a 24-hour stay of a non-angling guest is set at € 5.00 including VAT. Non-angling guest can be exclusively a family member, friend or girlfriend/boyfriend or partner. More than one additional guest per angler is permitted only for family members (children). If the fishing swim “Beach” will be occupied by 2 anglers, the guest’s stay in this case is not allowed.
  • The reservation will be officially entered in the booking calendar AFTER YOUR PAYMENT OF THE TOTAL PRICE. The total price for the reservation must be paid by bank transfer to the bank account below and must be cleared to the account within 3 working days of booking, otherwise the booking will be forfeited and another angler may be reported to the selected fishing swim.

Example of calculating the price for a booking:

Fishing trip:
from Friday (arrival until 13:00 pm) to Sunday (departure until 11:00 am)

1 angler + 1 non-fishing guest

Angler’s price:
2 x 30 € (from Friday to Saturday 30 € + from Saturday to Sunday 30 €)

Guest’s price:
2 x 5 € (from Friday to Saturday 5 € + from Saturday to Sunday 5 €)

Total price: 70€


IBAN account number:
SK92 1100 0000 0026 2222 6038


Address of bank account:
SIPA GROUP, s.r.o.
Stromová 2111/12
915 01  Nové Mesto nad Váhom

When making payment please fill in a reference field with your name + address + date of the booked fishing time (for example “Green Lakes, John Burton, Central street 4, London, 1.5.-8.5.2017”) to identify your payment.

  • It may be possible to cancel or rearrange your booking well in advance depending on availability. These needs to be done by contacting the lake bailiff via e-mail address Changing the booking is possible only during the current calendar year.
  • If an angler does not arrive for the arranged date and has not contacted the lake bailiff of late arrival his booking will be dropped without a refund. It is possible to re-arrange the date or swap with another angler. This is only allowed if the cancelation is made in advance and there is availability at the fishery for the new date.
  • Each angler is provided with an unhooking mat, landing net, weighing sling, refresh bucket, carp care kit for fish treatment and a lake map. So please do not bring any of these items with you.
  • We charge a deposit of € 20.00 including VAT for these items, which will be returned to you at the end of your stay providing the items are not damaged.
  • Well behaved, obedient dogs (only) are allowed to stay at the lake free of charge. Pets must be booked in prior to the arrival and will be approved by the lake bailiff depending on current lake occupancy status. The owner is fully responsible for their pet.
  • Only anglers over the age of 18 years are allowed to fish on the lake.
  • Non-angling guests under the age of 18 are allowed to stay at the lake only under adult supervision.
  • The adult (angler) is fully responsible for children and young persons under the age of 18, who are staying with him.