Cooked particles

For our customers, it is possible to provide cooked particles as one of the part of their chosen baiting tactic. Cooked particle consists of soft-cooked maize and according to the seasonality we add other ingredients, which include e.g. wheat grains, sesame grains, oilseed rape, hemp seeds and various types of raisins. This mix is ​​thoroughly prepared and cooked by our bailiff.

Our fish loves our particles prepared in this way and we guarantee you, our cooked particles will bring you some extra action.

Cooked particles can be ordered before your arrival via our Facebook page or email, where we will specify all the details. The advantage is that you do not have to carry any empty buckets with you, everything gets in a tasteful and practical bucket with a lid, which can carry about 8 kg of the particle mix. Therefore, do not hesitate and those who do not want to have fun at home with the preparation of their own particle, ask us and we will be happy to prepare it for your fishing.